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Our Mission Statement at Re-Cycle Sports:

Re-Cycle Sports is a unique center that houses both an indoor cycling, aka spinning® studio and a consignment shop that specializes in the resale of all sports and fitness gear. Our mission is to provide quality of life fitness and gently used sporting goods equipment to people of all ages. Our cycling studio will assist clients in achieving their individualized fitness goals while having FUN. We will exceed customer expectations in both the retail shop and the spinning® facility. We will also work to decrease the dependence on non-renewable resources through the sale of gently used goods.

Trash and Burn with Re-Cycle Sports!

The Re-Cycle Sports consignment shop will house a retail center of gently used sporting and fitness equipment. Patrons will be able to earn cash on their once-loved equipment through consignment. Everyone has sports and fitness ‘trash’ around their homes that was once part of a phase and is still in great shape and waiting for someone else to use it. Participating in sports does not need to cost a fortune!

The Re-Cycle Sports indoor cycling studio utilizes the Spinner® brand of indoor cycles. We are a dedicated spinning® facility and our goal is to focus on the details so you have the best fitness experience. Classes of 45 minutes in length will be offered daily.

Jonathan Goldberg, also known as Johnny G. created the “Spinning” concept in 1986 and there have been spinning facilities popping up all over the country since then. Julie Rice, co-owner of Soul Cycle, NY, praises the full body workout on a bike in which you can burn 500-800 calories in 45 minutes. Amazing! “Indoor cycling…, according to Medical Editor Dr. Brunilda Razano, MD of WebMD,… has many benefits that include, weight loss, improved strength, drop in blood pressure, diabetes control, as well as just incredible fitness. This is exercise to fulfill your mind, body, and soul.”

Even though you are biking in a group, you are living your own individual ride and achieving your individual goals. The group effort also helps you to achieve a complete mind and body workout.

Your FIRST RIDE is ALWAYS FREE at Re-Cycle Sports! (Click Here for Coupon).

Effective January 2014, Re-Cycle Sports is now offering BARRE classes. It may look like ballet training, but it’s not. Barre Conditioning is a uniquely challenging, yet non-impact fitness class that simply incorporates a ballet bar into the workout. Essentially, it mixes elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training choreographed to motivating music. In each energizing workout, you’ll use the barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls, blocks and small hand weights to redefine and a sculpt a lean, strong body.

There’s a good reason why more and more people are trying out barre workouts, and you should give it a shot, too. Soon enough, your body will reflect all of your hard work. Are you ready for some serious body sculpting? Burn fat and get leaner and stronger along the way!

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday....and get back at it tomorrow! Burn off those calories this week with some hot rides! ... See MoreSee Less

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Pottsville Studio is NOT plowed so no class in Pottsville this morning :( See you on Monday!

Orwigsburg class is ON!
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For your safety, there will be no classes at either studio on Saturday. We will have SPIN at both Orwigsburg and Pottsville locations at 9:30 am. (if we have to push this time back due to the weather, we will let you know). ... See MoreSee Less

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So.... you want to join our "BEST BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE"---- but you are not interested in supplements or a special diet beause you are already in a good place. Well, there is now a way you can JOIN the CHALLENGE and get daily coaching, along with caliper measurements and accountability!

Message us, email us, or call us to join! Hurry, the challenge starts soon!! You don't want to miss this opportunity for your BEST BODY and win great prizes too!
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Spring and Summer bodies are made in the winter! Don't be a couch potato, and get in gear now! Join the Best Body Challenge now! Please let us know asap that you want to join! ... See MoreSee Less

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Jan 20-March 4

We are combining the best of Advocare 24-day challenge with 21-Day fix portion control containers! -45 DAY TRANSFORMATION!

You CAN have your BEST BODY! This program is designed for those that want to get fit and stay fit!

To participate in the contest, you must choose one of the options below and agree to have your measurements, weight, and body fat percentage calculated pre and post challenge:




PORTION CONTROL CONTAINERS, CATALYST, CRAVE CHECK, PRE & POST BODY FAT MEASURMENTS VIA SKINFOLD CALIPER, COACHING. (Great option if you have digestion issues that may prevent you from cleansing)


PORTION CONTROL CONTAINERS, PRE & POST BODY FAT MEASUREMENTS VIA SKINFOLD CALIPER, COACHING. (Great option for those with gluten allergies or those that just want to re-tool eating habits and control their portions).

To sign up, simply go online and purchase the option that you wish, and we will get your products in the studio for you. You can talk to Linda, Wally, Abby, or Danielle about the option that is right for you!

Winners are selected based on the following formula: 1 point is awarded for each pound lost, 3 points are awarded for each inch lost, and 5 points are awarded for each whole percentage improvement in body fat measurements.
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Check out what made it's way to Re-Cycle Sports! Handmade jewely designed by local artists - "C" and "Phi" -- each design is unique and created using re-cycled/up-cycled materials. Check them out! ... See MoreSee Less

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Check out our newly revised logo! Don't forget to sign up for classes early so you get the classes you want! ... See MoreSee Less

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Re-Cycle Sports updated their profile picture. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

To continue on or to get started on your fitness goals for 2016, we are bringing back the two and three month packages at reduced rates NOW on sale through January 31st! Available online at:

Check the class schedule in the coming days and watch for more Sunday Spin and some other changes!

If you over-indulged over the holidays, don't fret! A special program will be kicked off this month. More details to follow!
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