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Our Mission Statement at Re-Cycle Sports:

Re-Cycle Sports is a unique center that houses both an indoor cycling, aka spinning® studio and a consignment shop that specializes in the resale of all sports and fitness gear. Our mission is to provide quality of life fitness and gently used sporting goods equipment to people of all ages. Our cycling studio will assist clients in achieving their individualized fitness goals while having FUN. We will exceed customer expectations in both the retail shop and the spinning® facility. We will also work to decrease the dependence on non-renewable resources through the sale of gently used goods.

Trash and Burn with Re-Cycle Sports!

The Re-Cycle Sports consignment shop will house a retail center of gently used sporting and fitness equipment. Patrons will be able to earn cash on their once-loved equipment through consignment. Everyone has sports and fitness ‘trash’ around their homes that was once part of a phase and is still in great shape and waiting for someone else to use it. Participating in sports does not need to cost a fortune!

The Re-Cycle Sports indoor cycling studio utilizes the Spinner® brand of indoor cycles. We are a dedicated spinning® facility and our goal is to focus on the details so you have the best fitness experience. Classes of 45 minutes in length will be offered daily.

Jonathan Goldberg, also known as Johnny G. created the “Spinning” concept in 1986 and there have been spinning facilities popping up all over the country since then. Julie Rice, co-owner of Soul Cycle, NY, praises the full body workout on a bike in which you can burn 500-800 calories in 45 minutes. Amazing! “Indoor cycling…, according to Medical Editor Dr. Brunilda Razano, MD of WebMD,… has many benefits that include, weight loss, improved strength, drop in blood pressure, diabetes control, as well as just incredible fitness. This is exercise to fulfill your mind, body, and soul.”

Even though you are biking in a group, you are living your own individual ride and achieving your individual goals. The group effort also helps you to achieve a complete mind and body workout.

Your FIRST RIDE is ALWAYS FREE at Re-Cycle Sports! (Click Here for Coupon).

Effective January 2014, Re-Cycle Sports is now offering BARRE classes. It may look like ballet training, but it’s not. Barre Conditioning is a uniquely challenging, yet non-impact fitness class that simply incorporates a ballet bar into the workout. Essentially, it mixes elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training choreographed to motivating music. In each energizing workout, you’ll use the barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls, blocks and small hand weights to redefine and a sculpt a lean, strong body.

There’s a good reason why more and more people are trying out barre workouts, and you should give it a shot, too. Soon enough, your body will reflect all of your hard work. Are you ready for some serious body sculpting? Burn fat and get leaner and stronger along the way!

Paddleboarding is a great cross training workout! ... See MoreSee Less

Did you know that you could take Paddleboarding through Re-Cycle Sports & Inner Beauty Fitness? Let us know that you are interested and more dates can be added!

4 days ago  ·  

Did you know that you could take Paddleboarding through Re-Cycle Sports & Inner Beauty Fitness?

Let us know that you are interested and more dates can be added!
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Well, we did not hold our planks for 5 hours,... but we did have 30 challengers finish the 5 MINUTE PLANK CHALLENGE! When you see the following individuals in class, congratulate them!!!:
Ron Nasados
Kim Murphy
Gina Bohorad
Maria Sherakus
Maria Casey
Connie DiRenzo
Suzie Oswald
Angela DeMario
Cheryl Kimmel
Rob Kimmel
Angela Williams
Mary Anne Bartholomew
Kathy Snukis
Jeanne Porter
Linda Pellish
Bonnie Vesay
Jennie Breitigan
Rob Ulaner
Jim Donovan
Mary Ellen Donovan
Vicky Polinsky
Amy Browder
Kim Lorimer
Colleen Cassidy
Paul Steffanic
Angela Toomey
Randy Miske
Jane Plachko
Wally Walinsky
Linda Walinsky

Great job to everyone that participated and was able to hold that plank for longer than you thought you could! You stuck with it and got BETTER! Keep calm and Keep Planking - 1-2 minute plank daily!
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Today is Day 15!! You are HALF WAY there! DO NOT QUIT NOW! ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago  ·  

Note to Self- when Spin Master Instructor Lynn Taylor tells you she is bringing her husband to your Spin(r) Instructor Training - know that she is bringing Josh Taylor!

Josh has been an ambassador with the Spinning program for over 18 years, and is an International Spin Master Instructor and Trainer. If you ever watched a spinning video, you have seen Josh in action!

Great to ride with Lynn and Josh on Sunday!

Welcome to Re-Cycle Sports!

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Two race bibs available for the Lager Jogger on Saturday. Message me if you need one or both. Thank you!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Day 3 - Did you plank today? ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago  ·  

thought for the day..............get off that couch....and have the time of your life getting fit! ... See MoreSee Less

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Don't be a fool and join our plank challenge-- starts this Friday April 1st! Download the 'Plank' on your phone to keep track of your daily planking!

Tone your body and win prizes.....
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